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• Gain competences on how to run a sustainable business, i.e., be able to meet the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and be competitive at a global level in the long run.

• Create an action plan for the restructuring and modernisation of the agri-food sector, so that you can become more competitive, and your farming business can be integrated into supply chains and supermarkets, based on the following questions: “How does my product meet the needs of society?”, “How it affects the environment?” and “How to ensure I organise myself to gain a circular mindset?”.

• Develop a business model designed to your needs, competences and learning styles, so that you can adapt your business to the sensitivities of emerging markets, based on the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social, and financial.

• Reflect on a business model value proposition for your farming business, i.e., “What is good?”, “What opportunities do I have?” and “What needs to change?”, all seen through a social, economic, and environmental perspectives.

Unit 1 - Sustainable business

• What is a sustainable business from an economic, social, and environmental perspective

• Positioning and differentiation strategies for small farmers – from linear to circular economy

• What European Union (EU)’s sustainability strategies are being adopted in the agri-food sector?

Unit 2 - Sustainable business model

• What is a sustainable business model?

• Why should small farmers create a sustainable business model?

• What key elements should small farmers consider when drafting a sustainable business model?

• How can small farmers validate their sustainable business model?

Unit 3 - Sustainable business model canvas

This learning unit intends to be a guide for small farmers who want to reshape their agribusiness towards a more competitive and sustainable business model, helping them fill in ACORN’s sustainable business model canvas.

Unit 4 - Sustainable business model plan

• What is a sustainable business plan?

• Main differences between a sustainable business model and a sustainable business plan

• How can small farmers validate their sustainable business plan

• How to use the SMART methodology to act as a summary of the sustainable business plan

Unit 5 - Developing the sustainable business plan

• How should small farmers structure their ACORN sustainable business plan?

• How to fill in ACORN’s sustainable business plan template

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