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Maryse COPPET’s Law firm is based in Brussels and Guadeloupe. Maryse COPPET, a lawyer and a Lobbyist with the European Union, has been working for many years on economic and social development in the overseas territories and Guadeloupe in particular, enabling them to take advantage of the European Union’s development strategy. Trained at the ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration) in Paris, in multilateral financing. She has developed expertise in the European Union’s regional policy, in the methodology of calls for tenders and in the setting up of Community projects.


Whether you’re looking for growth, perseverance or stability, the ACORN symbolises it all. All the wonder in a mighty oak grows from a single ACORN and is a reminder that the difficulties we incur help us to grow strong. 


The ACORN is a constant reminder to continue, to persevere, and to keep working hard, because, as is the spirit of the project; “Everything that made that giant tree is already contained inside this tiny little seed”.

To create a free, open-source, digital platform for the development of sustainability business competence in smallholders in agriculture.


The ACORN project will help smallholder farmers  compete with the bigger players on the market and create results which contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural  businesses that are viable, equitable, and bearable for the earth and the people who live on it.


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This is all about learning how to long term farming. You have questions ? Feel free to contact us.
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